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African Primates at Home
Quick facts and sounds from various species of East African monkeys and primates compiled by a researcher in the field.

Animal Bytes: Chimpanzees
Sea World/Busch Gardens theme parks present this page of quick facts, summaries and chimpanzee photos.

Links, answers, pictures and resources concerning mountain gorillas.

Gorilla Conservation News
Funded by the Wildlife Conservation Society and tracking the progress of endangered gorilla species.

Gorilla Foundation
Established in 1976 to promote the protection, preservation and propagation of gorillas through volunteerism and political activism.

Great Ape Project
Protecting the rights and interests of the large and endangered apes remaining in the world, the orangutan, the gorilla and the chimpanzee.

Lemur Gallery
A collection of super-cute photos of this diabeticly precious monkey.

The Usenet group alt.fan.lemurs put together this FAQ and resource, and they organizes a yearly conference to discuss the status of the monkey.

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Monkey Madness
Monkey around on this site of links, info and resources for loving MonkeyMoms and other primate pet owners. Exotics and parrots are mentioned also.

Mountain Gorilla Protection
Providing a public database of the endangered mountain gorilla's habitat conditions.

Primate Gallery
Primate photos, illustrations, animations and more collected from around the Web.

Saving Chhina's Monkeys
An organization promoting the rights and protection of the white-headed langur, a species of monkey native to southern China.

Virtual Gorilla Exhibit Project
Building a VR envorment by which visitors may see the life of a gorilla they would otherwise not have access to.

Wild World of Animals
Promoting primate ownership and providing a resource for owners or soon-to-be owners of pet monkeys.

Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center
A list of resources, links and job announcements serving those dedicated to the study of primates.


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