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Butterflies of the Maltese Islands
Great descriptions and full-color photos of these beautiful butterflies.

Butterflies of the United States
A clickable map of the US unveils the various species of butterfly inhabiting each state.

Butterfly Arc
English and Italian profile site of the living butterfly museum near Venice containing over 200 species of butterfly.

Butterfly Celebration
Commercial industry specializing in releasing large amounts of butterflies at your next wedding or event.

Butterfly Lady
She travels the country giving lectures on the Monarch butterfly and sells educational materials.

Butterfly WebSite
Learn more about butterfly gardening, raising butterflies, conservation and educational resources.

Butterfly World
Walk through this butterfly aviary-like museum in the Greater Ft. Lauderdale area.

Cecropia Moth Life Cycle
Beautiful photographs and encyclopedic information on the moth and its daily existence.

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Electronic Resources on Lepidoptera
A vast field of butterfly and moth resources searchable by topic, geography or alphabetical order.

Gypsy Moth Modeling Programs
Housing computer tracking programs that assume the current state of the gypsy moth based on season and weather conditions.

Lepidopterists' Society
Learn about membership opportunities and the goals and resources for those interested in the study or collection of butterflies and moths.

Monarch Watch
Complete information on this elusive butterfly, plus educational materials for teachers and students, conservation updates, political and financial support.

Monarchs and Migration
Join in the exiting research and observation of the mysterious migration of the Monarch butterfly.




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