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Company describes placement services for segregated early weaned pigs, feeder pigs and commercial breeding stock.

University information network for dairy and swine industries publishes news to support producers and veterinarians.

Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement Inc.
A genetic database contains evaluations; addtional links lead to health plan, meeting info. English, French.

Donaldson International Livestock Ltd.
Canadian swine-export specialists list their services, training programs and breed descriptions.

Genetic Improvement Services (GIS)
Breeding specialists in the swine industry provide information about selection theory, products, shows and more.

Genetipork, USA, Inc.
Experts in "technology-derived swine genetics" highlight their services and management guidelines.

Getting Hogs to Market Safely
Proper loading and transportation information helps get that little piggy to market without injury.

Iowa Western Community College Swine Management Program
A description of this program includes curriculum information. Swine resources.

NOBL Laboratories, Inc.
An Iowa swine research lab publishes information about its services and products. Includes industry news.


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North Carolina State University's Extension Swine Husbandry
Root around this site for hog health, genetic topics, statistics and other extension offerings.

Ontario Pork
Pork industry promoters keep both consumers and producers up to date with news and resources.

Ontario Swine Improvement Inc.
Genetics experts cover services involving artificial insemination, estimated breeding values, field data and more.

Pig Disease Information Centre
The University of Cambridge covers all aspects of swine health. Includes vets' discussion.

Prairie Swine Centre
Production-technology researchers introduce their program and offer links to related facilities.

Swine Global Marketplace
Extensive resources target pork producers with products, services, classifieds, employment and much more.

Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation System (STAGES)
A performance and data-recording program description comes with statistical models. From Purdue.



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