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Australian Emu International
Supplier and processor of farmed emu products advertises its meats, leather, eggs and oil.

Australian Incubation
This company offers information about its incubation equipment for ostrich breeders, complete with prices.

Elite Ostrich & Emu Ranch, Inc.
Ratite boarding and breeding facility provides services and a table with nutritional values of meat.

Emus, Etc.
A family-run business links to information about emu meat and processed oil products.

Jerry Kinder's World
Kinder points out the advantages of using emu products, and provides links to ratite (and unrelated) resources.

Johnson Emu, Inc.
The "world's largest ratite operation" provides a page full of processing information, products and more.

Newberry Farms
An ostrich and emu farm explains its breeding program for quality meats and hides.



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Northstar Exotics Emu Net
Promoters of the rhea and emu industry introduce their Minnesota farm, providing contact information.

Outback Illinois Emu Farm
This farm feathers its site with animals and products for sale. Includes a nutrition table.

SauerMugg's Big Bird Ranch
Thinking of starting an emu farm? Check this site first for start-up information.

Spring Fever Farm
Involved in emus, Andalusians and art, this farm paints a picture of its operation.

World Emu, Inc.
Alabama based company that specializes in the highest quality Emu products available.

YMO Emu Farm
Get the facts on this farm, the animals they raise and the products they offer.


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