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Aggie Horticulture
Texas A&M provides resources for gardeners and crop growers, with information on classes and research.

Agri-Gestion Laval
Laval University in Quebec provides information about its agricultural school. In French only.

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department at the University of Florida
Stroll through this site for the department's academic and people information.

Agriculture Program at Texas A&M
General department information, news, events and people are introduced here.

Agronomy and Horticulture at Brigham Young University
Class schedules and lecture presentations highlight this site.

Animal & Poultry Science at the University of Guelph
Programs, research, student resources and events fill this comprehensive package from Guelph University.

Animal and Food Sciences Department at the University of Vermont
Introduction to graduate and undergraduate programs includes links to student advising, research and internship information.

Animal Science Department at the University of Florida
Overview of the department covers academic, research and extension programs and introduces faculty and students.

Animal Sciences at Washington State University
WSU details its coursework, faculty and facilities, adding links to campus clubs and individual students.

Aquaculture at Deakin University
A page for potential students covers degree programs, research activities and campus aquaculture resources.

Auburn University Agricultural Engineering
This Auburn department delivers curriculum information along with research activities

Auburn University Agronomy & Soils
An introduction to the college's Department of Agriculture accompanies soil research services.

Auburn University Horticulture Department
Academic information for graduates and undergraduates includes links to research, extension and downloadable documents.

Australian National Univeristy Forestry
An introduction to this department includes coursework, announcements and faculty and staff.

Dansk Center for Jordbrugsuddannelse
Denmark's Beder College defines its vocational training in agriculture, horticulture and forestry. Chose English, Danish, or German.

Biological and Agricultural Engineering at the University of Idaho
A guide to academics and research includes information on outreach programs.

Biological and Agricultural Engineering at University of California, Davis
An introduction to department, faculty and programs includes graduate and undergraduate information.

Cal Poly Agribusiness
An introduction to classes,clubs and faculty targets potential agribusiness students.

Cal Poly BioResource & Agricultural Engineering Department
A comprehensive package of programs, facilities and other department information targets potential students.

Cal Poly Natural Resources Management Department
Long with coursework and majors, find links to clubs, faculty, institutes and picture gallery.

California Polytechnic State University Animal Science Department
Program descriptions focus on swine, equine, beef, poultry, sheep, feedmill and student enterprises.

Canadian Soil Information System
CanSIS, an arm of the Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre, offers an overview of its activities.

Center for Excellence for Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas
Peck around this site for information about research, facilities and programs.

Clemson University Aquaculture, Fisheries and Wildlife
Clemson's Web recruitment includes information on degrees, faculty, facilities, financial aid and student activities.

Clemson University Department of Horticulture
Academic Information includes details about turfgrass, vegetable and fruit programs.

Clemson University Department of Pesticide Regulation
Watchdogs for agricultural pesticides provide news, educational materials, licensing details and department information.

College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources at the University of Missouri
Information about the school's academic units accompanies links to experimental station, students, alumni, more.

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences at Clemson University
Doorway to Clemson's life sciences opens to biology, agriculture, agronomy, entomology, horticulture, plant pathology, more.

College of Forestry and Wildlife Resources at Virginia Tech University
Visit here for online catalogs and department information. Includes links to research and organizations.

College of Forestry at Oregon State University
Departments provide academic information; other links lead to faculty, student services, extension, continuing education, more.

College of Life Science and Agriculture at the University of New Hampshire
Link to various programs and departments for information about academics and research.

Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Gardening and Horticulture
Horticulturists from varying Colorado climates will find resources for compost, flowering plants, fruit and more.

Colorado State University Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
CSU pulls together a page of academic information along with extension links.

Colorado State University Seed Analyst Training Program
This distance-education program defines courses and offers materials for anatomy, identification, metabolism and germination.

Cornell Cooperative Extension
Besides general extension information, this page offers details about its programs for agriculture and home.

Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
An overview of academic programs, extension and research includes admission information.

Cotton Pathology Research Unit
An introduction to the facility, projects and staff includes the unit's economic impacts.

Cygnus at Texas A&M University
Entry point leads to Department of Plant Pathology, fungi program, plant disease handbook, diagnostic lab.

Debreccan Agricultural University
This institution offers news and details about academic programs, research and information services

Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, The
Find academic information for graduates and undergraduates with online publications and faculty fields of specialization.

Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Coursework and financial aid information for graduates and undergraduates and the Rural Economic Analysis Program.

Department of Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan
Faculty and research highlight this site along with contact information.

Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Arizona
A comprehensive overview of the department lists areas of research.

Department of Agricultural Engineering at Michigan State University
This department offers an overall picture of its courses, research, faculty and more.

Department of Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M
Department supplies information about curriculum, programs and research. Includes home pages and a newsletter.

Department of Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M University
Meet faculty and graduate students; find information on curriculum and programs. Includes online newsletter.

Department of Animal Science & Food Technology at Texas Tech University
This online guide helps students learn about coursework, degree requirements, research and more.

Department of Animal Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
A presentation of academic programs in education, research and extension also includes livestock care information.

Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at the University of Georgia
Students interested in this discipline will find research, teaching, extension and outreach information.

Department of Biological and Agricultural Sciences at North Carolina State University
This NCSU department defines programs and employment opportunites.

Department of Botany and Agricultural Biochemistry at the University of Vermont
Programs for graduates and undergraduates top this site with information about faculty, events and activities.

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at Michigan State University
Find out about the courses and facilities at MSU along with research and extension programs.

Department of Food Science at North Carolina State University
Academic information of interest to potential food science majors includes a newsletter and alumni news.

Department of Forestry at Michigan State University
Information for both graduates and undergraduates inlcudes courses, faculty and facility introduction and activities.

Department of Horticulture of the University of Wisconsin
UW provides online catalogs for graduates and undergraduates, related newsletters and publications.

Department of Plant & Soil Science at the University of Aberdeen
The University of Aberdeen stresses its research and coursework, including contact information.

Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Information on both graduate and undergraduate programs includes course offerings.

Department of Poultry Science at North Carolina State University
Serving both graduates and undergraduates, this department describes programs and introduces faculty.

Department Of Soil Science At North Dakota State University
NDSU fills its site with course descriptions, faculty introductions and department projects.

Department of Soil Science at the University of Wisconsin - Madison
Sift through programs, research, faculty, activities and more. Check out the Soil Poet's Corner.

Department of Viticulture and Enology Cooperative Extension at the University of California, Davis
Academic information with resources for wine makers and farmers fills this site to the brim.

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at Texas A&M
An overall picture of the department contains information about programs, courses, extension facilitiies and faculty.

Distance Education Texas A&M Agriculture Program
This page defines the distance learning courses, videoconferencing, training and schedules.

Dr. Barry Goodell
Professor from the University of Maine's Department of Wood Science and Technology provides a resume.

Environmental Horticultural Science Department at California Polytechnic State University
Links to programs, faculty, facilities and student organizations make up this page.

Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia
Information branches into departments, programs, people, research, publications, and facilities.

Faculty of Forestry at the University of Toronto
Packed with student info, this page contains programs, graduate studies, associations, research and much more.

Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland
This institution strings together coursework and admission information, providing details about the department's industrial involvement.

Floriculture & Ornamental Horticulture: Cornell University
Links to university progams, staff, publications that you can order and other reference materials.

Forestry at the University of Wales, Bangor
Department specifics top this site with information about research, degrees, coursework and electronic material.

Georgia Tech's Agricultural Technology Research Program
Engineers of technology in the poultry and food industries describe research and outreach programs.

Guelph Turfgrass Institute
Find out about this facility's involvement in crop science, horticulture and land resources.

Gödöllő University of Agricultural Sciences (GAU)
Potential students will find general information about this institution, including details about faculties and research.

Gödöllő University of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Environmental and Landscape Management
A complete overview, including courses, programs and application form, comes in English, Hungarian and German.

Helsinki University of Technology Laboratory of Wood Technology
This institution supplies publications, research projects, faculty and contact information.

Institute of Soil Science at the University of Göttingen
A page of weather and soil profiles links to scientific journals. In English and German.

Irrigation Training and Research Center (ITRC) at Cal Poly
A description of this BioResource and Agricultural Engineering Department facility links to in-house resources.

Louisiana State University Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
General department information, student organizations, research and more come from LSU.

Massey University's Department of Soil Science
This doorway to lectures, teaching and laboratories includes volcano-related information.

Michigan State University Department of Animal Science
Department page links to research, programs, facilities, faculty and extension services.

Michigan State University Post-Harvest Lab
A list of current research projects accompanies links to funding sponsors.

N.W.F.P. Agricultural University (Pakistan)
The Web presentation from this university contains program descriptions and contact information.

Nagasaki University Faculty of Fisheries
Academic information includes a faculty introduction, details about exchange programs, an aquaculture symposium, more.

NCSU: Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center
Affiliate of North Carolina State University introduces plant pathology, soil and zoology programs, faculty, staff and related links.

Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens, School of Horticulture and Butterfly Conservatory
Academic information, events schedule, conservatory details, Niagara Parks overview and botanical links and resources.


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North Carolina Extension Forestry
An introduction to staff and educational programs shares this site with online forestry information resources.

North Carolina State University College of Forest Resources
NCSU's overview points to degree programs, scholarships, academic departments, faculty and student information.

North Carolina State University Department of Forestry
Detailed information provides undergraduate and graduate programs, employment areas, faculty support and department highlights.

North Carolina State University Department of Forestry General Information
Information about curriculm, degrees, scholarships, transfer students and more fill this site.

North Carolina State University Department of Wood & Paper Science
The College of Forest Resources presents information about degree programs, research, facilities, scholarship, more.

North Willamette Research and Extension Center
Oregon State University facility defines programs, research and accomplishments, providing online growing guides and related resources.

Nutrient and Pest Management Program at the University of Wisconsin
Devoted to profitable farming, this program boasts its accomplishments, offering online literature, events and demonstrations.

Oklahoma State University Department of Animal Science
An introduction to this department provides a downloadable handbook and career information. Includes commodity bulletin.

Oregon State University Animal Sciences Department
Research, faculty and programs for both graduates and undergraduates target potential students. Includes extension information.

Oregon State University Crop & Soil Science Department
Lots of research news and extension services go along with academic information.

Oregon State University Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
Graduate and undergraduate information lists curriculum, faculty, campus news and Web classes.

Oregon State University demonstrates a tree-growth model that projects stand development, offering downloadable files.

Oxford Forestry Institute
Forestry institutes collaborate to provide a directory of soil models, organizations, research. Includes online publications.

Peach Leaf Curl and Related Diseases
Online manual from the University of Nebraska identifies symptoms, causes and control of the disease.

Pedology Soil Science at Ohio State University
OSU provides academic information along with links to a soil database and lab facilities.

Purdue Animal Sciences
Purdue stuffs this page with department faculty, programs, photo gallery, research activities and extension services.

Purdue University Office of Agricultural Research Programs
Research programs, upcoming events and seminars, tours of agricultural schools, university and government agri-links and searchable agricultural database.

Ranching Systems Group, The
A page of software applications to manage grazing lands also offers ranching resources.

Santa Clara University Institute of Agribusiness
A comprehensive package of academic information includes tuition fees and curriculum.

School of Natural Resources at the University of Missouri-Columbia
Online catalog and program specifics share this site with general department information, student organizations, more.

Soil Chemistry at the University of Idaho
In-depth information about faculty and research round out this site.

Soil Physics at Utah State University
A comprehensive page of specific research projects also offers links to classes and faculty members.

Soil Science Department at Cal Poly College of Agriculture
Prospective students will find academic, club, faculty and job information.

South Carolina Agricultural and Forestry Research System
An overview of this Clemson University facility centers on research, staff and task forces.

Technical University of Novia Scotia Department of Agricultural Engineering
Both graduate and undergraduate programs highlight this site along with an online application form.

Texas A & M University Department of Poultry Sciences
A department overview includes a link to extension publications and announcements.

Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Links to programs, distance learning, human resources, directory and other academic departments.

Texas A&M University Stone Fruit Breeding Program
A page of weather-zone information for peach growers includes links to news and related resources.

Texas Agricultural Extension Service
Online extension publications and copyright-free clip art, slides and Web icons are available here.

Texas Agriculture Experimental Station
News, publications, research, agenda and more highlight this page from Texas A&M.

Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina
Peruvian agricultural university supplies admission information, coursework, more. Most pages in Spanish.

Universite Laval
French-language site covers details about this institution's forestry program.

University of Aberdeen - Department of Forestry Wood Supply Research Group
Researchers in productivity and energy provide information about projects and personnel.

University of Alberta Forest Fire Science and Management Program
Kindlings of information include coursework, students, visiting lecturers and recommended reading.

University of Arkansas Animal Science
Here, potential students can zero in on degree programs, scholarship information, employment and campus clubs.

University of Arkansas Biological & Agricultural Engineering Department
This department offers courses and general academic info to students interested in "engineering with life."

University of Arkansas Department of Agronomy
A presentation of academic information includes a look at facilities and research. Includes employment opportunities.

University of Arkansas Department of Horticulture
General department information includes a newsletter, forum and resources for students and horticulturists.

University of British Columbia Fisheries Centre
This catch lists graduate-study information and department projects. Includes downloadable software and publicaton links.

University of California at Davis Dept. of Wildlife, Fisheries and Conservation Biology
This department provides coursework for both graduates and undergraduates, degree requirements and faculty introduction.

University of Florida Department of Dairy and Poultry Science
Packaged academic information helps new students find out about programs, courses and department people.

University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
Coursework information includes online studies. Find links to research, faculty, extension and facilities.

University of Idaho College of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Sciences
Academic information, research, student services activities and extended education round out this site.

University of Idaho Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
This department presents general requirements for potential students, faculty, research and career information.

University of Idaho Department of Forest Resources
Targeting forestry and ecology students, this department offers academic info, research projects, publications and more.

University of Idaho Department of Range Resources
A department specializing in range management provides academic details, research and career information.

University of Idaho Department of Resource Recreation and Tourism
College of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Sciences department offers requirement information, research, career opportunities.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Agricultural Engineering
Academic information headlines this page along with links to student organizations and career resources.

University of Kentucky Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department
An overview introduces faculty and students, linking to computing facilities.

University of Kentucky Department of Agronomy
The information here focuses on undergraduate studies and programs in various agronomy disciplines.

University of Kentucky Department of Animal Sciences
This bluegrass school pinpoints research projects, seminar schedules, coursework and extension activities.

University of Kentucky Department of Forestry
This College of Agriculture department details facilites, faculty, research and studies.

University of Maine Department of Forest Management
Find undergraduate and graduate resources from this department, complete with organizations and employment information.

University of Melbourne Agroforestry & Farm Forestry, The
A resource for students and the industry contains coursework, reference materials, discussion and more.

University of Minnesota Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Explore graduate and undergraduate programs along with general department information.

University of Minnesota Crookston Environmental and Natural Resource Management
Highlights of this program include degree options, career opportunities, faculty information.

University of Minnesota Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
This UM presentation offers information about degrees, coursework, research, department personnel and more.

University of Minnesota Department of Soil, Water, and Climate
Besides general department information, this page leads to precision agriculture and landscaping resources.

University of Minnesota Wood & Paper Science Department
Department provides an overview of its programs, faculty, extension and research. Includes distance-learning details.

University of Montana School of Forestry
Page of research and program information also contains details about distance learning, workshops and more.

University of Nebraska Biological Systmens Engineering Department
Get academic information for the various majors offered for both graduate and undergraduate students.

University of Nebraska Department of Horticulture
Academic information joins career information and a whole garden of resources for horticulturists.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Food Science and the Food Processing Center
Information from these facilites includes programs, coursework, research, services, job opportunities and much more.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources
The department supplies information about academics, publications, distance learning, cooperative extension, more.

University of New England (Australia) Department of Animal Science
Besides an overview of the department, this page lists (in detail) its animal science courses.

University of New Hampshire Analytical Services Lab
This facility features its testing for soil, plants, compost, feed, fertilizer and lime.

University of Nottingham Dept. of Agriculture & Horticulture
Academic overviews of agronomy, animal production, horticulture, management, crop science and campus farm.

University of Vermont College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
A page full of academic departments and programs includes research and a glance at coursework.

University of Washington College of Forest Resources
UW branches out with graduate and undergraduate information, including links to research, faculty, extension, more.

University of Washington College of Ocean and Fishery Science
Extensive information focuses on academic information, faculty, facilities, student development and the city of Seattle.

University of Washington School of Fisheries
UW spotlights academic programs and research activities, offering information about community outreach and campus organizations.

University of Western Australia Faculty of Agriculture
Plenty of academic information points to programs, research, scholarships, jobs and more.

University of Wisconsin Forage Research and Extension
Lists program work areas for production and management, offering links to related research and organizations.

Université Laval Centre de Recherche en Horticulture
A French-language site links to multiple research projects and organizations involved in horticulture.

Utah State University Department of Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences
Programs for graduate and undergraduate students highlight this site, with information about faculty and facilities.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
A description of departments and programs shares this spot with student information and administration introduction.

Wageningen Agricultural University Department of Animal Breeding
A comprehensive guide for new students points to programs, research, seminars, facilities and much more.

Washington State University College of Agriculture & Home Economics Academic Programs
A doorway to departments, programs, clubs, employment resources, campus branches, courses scholarship info and more.

Washington State University College of Agriculture and Home Economics
Comprehensive information includes links to academic programs, research, newsletter and cooperative and county extensions.

West Virginia University College of Agriculture and Forestry
Links to academics, faculty, research and extension fill this site. Includes scholarship, student organization info.

Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan
This department packs in everything a potential student needs to know, including coursework and admissions information.

Wood Science and Technology at the University of Maine
This department carves out a site of faculty, employment, academic and student information.



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