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Aviation Images
Sort through hundreds of thumbnail sketches and choose your favorites from this image archive.

DC-9 Users Guide for Microgravity Experiments
Find out how to submit a microgravity experiment for flight on the NASA Lewis Research Center DC-9.

Development of a Taxi Assistance and Guidance System
Build a much-needed pilot support system with weather-independent navigation, datalink communication and warning functions.

Instrumenting a Research Aircraft
This site will prepare you for a flight test program with instructions on instrumenting your research airplane.

Perceived Human Factors Problems of Flightdeck Automation
How easy is commercial flying? Does your captain set the instruments on autopilot, sit back and relax? He/she will think twice after checking out this study.

United States Air Force
The official World Wide Web site of the United States Air Force. The Mission of the U.S. Air Force is to defend the United States through control and exploitation of air and space.



Airshow Calendar
Locate almost every airshow in the world taking place now through 1998!

The RAVEN Project
Check out the Visual Gallery of the RAVEN project, a human-powered airplane slated to set four world records.



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Applied Concurrent Engineering Conference
Register for the first annual conference, to be held November 5 - 7 in Seattle.


Publications and News

Air Letter On-line
Read about aerospace, aviation, and air defense.

Aerospace Corporate Research Inc.
This newsletter deals specifically with the aerospace industry.

Read excerpts from a technical guide on use of composite materials in aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.

Jane's Electronic Information System
Jane's Defense and Aerospace Information allows you to search for international technical reports on specific equipment and projects.

Rocket Scientist Private E-Mail Reserve
For that job that DOES require a rocket scientist, here's where to find one!


For the Young Scientist

Paper Airplanes
Learn how to make paper airplanes with a different design featured every month.

Balloonin' USA
School children around the world followed the cross-country journey of a hot air balloon, via the Internet.


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