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Glossary Terms - V

Currently the fastest standard modem protocol, although others may appear soon. Although not required, almost all v.34 modems support all sorts of other protocols, including v.32, v.32bis, v.42 error correction, and v.42bis data compression. Don't worry about the specifics; just try to match protocols with the modems you call.

An information agent that searches a database of Gopher servers to find items that interest you.

An extremely powerful Unix editor with the personality of a junkyard dog. Much-beloved by many Unix aficionados.

Digital Equipment Corporation's main operating system for their VAX computers.

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Originally, a dedicated terminal built by Digital Equipment Corporation to interface to mainframes. The VT100 became a standard for terminals, and as a result almost all terminal emulation programs can emulate the VT100. The VT100s make excellent footstools these days and will be outlived only by DataMedia terminals that can withstand being dropped out a window without losing a connection.



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