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Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter. The chip used in the serial port of most computers and communications equipment. In PCs it is most common to have an 8250 UART, which typically has a maximum throughput of 19,200 bps. The 16550 UART is far more suitable for faster communications.

An audio file format native to Sun workstations but in common use on the Internet.

An extremely popular and powerful, if utterly cryptic, operating system in wide use on computers on the Internet. Other operating systems work fine on the Internet, but Unix is probably the most common.

United Press International. ClariNet gets much of its news from this wire service.

To send a file to another machine.

Machines that send you most of your Usenet news are said to be upstream from you. Machines that get most of their news from you are downstream.

Uniform Resource Locator. An efficient mechanism for identifying specific resources on the Internet. See chapter 8.

An anarchic network of sorts, composed of thousands of discussion groups on every imaginable topic.

Usenet news
The news that flows through Usenet. Sometimes abbreviated Usenet or news.


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The name you use to log in to another computer. Synonymous with username.

See userid. They're generally the same

The filename extension generally used by uuencoded files.

A file format used for transferring binary files in email, which can only reliably carry ASCII files. See also uuencode and uudecode.

Unix to Unix CoPy. UUCP is a small pun on the fact that the Unix copy command is cp. UUCP is a transmission protocol that carries email and news.

A filename extension sometimes used by uuencoded files.

A Unix program for decoding files in the uuencode format, turning them from ASCII back into binary files.

Yet another filename extension sometimes used by uuencoded files.

A Unix program that turns binary files into ASCII files for transmission via email.


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