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A high-speed network link used on the Internet (1.54 megabits/second).

An even higher speed network link used on the Internet (45 megabits/second).

The filename extension used by files made into an archive by the Unix tar program.

Transmission Control Protocol. It works with IP to ensure that packets travel safely on the Internet.

The combination of Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. The base protocols on which the Internet is founded.

Both a terminal emulation protocol that lets you log in to other machines, and programs that implement this protocol on various platforms.

A piece of hardware like a VT100 that lets you interact with a character-based operating system such as Unix.

terminal emulator
Software that allows one computer to act like a dedicated terminal, such as a VT100, to another computer.

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In terms of files, a file that contains characters only from the ASCII character set. In terms of FTP, a mode that assumes the files you will be transferring contain only ASCII characters. You set this mode in FTP with the ASCII command.

A group of messages in a Usenet newsgroup that all share the same subject and topic, so you can easily read the entire thread or delete it, depending on your specific newsreader.

After a certain amount of idle time, some connections will disconnect, hanging up the phone in the case of a SLIP connection.

The filename extension generally used for straight text files that you can read (as opposed to text files that have been encoded by BinHex or uuencode).


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