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Glossary Terms - S

scripting language
A programming language to instruct how one computer should communicate with another computer.

Typically, you would use a scripting language to cause your computer to automatically connect to a host computer, validate your user id and password, and then processes desired commands (like initiate SLIP).

self-extracting archive
A compressed file or files encapsulated in a decompression program, so you don't need any other programs to expand the archive. A self-extracting archive will always have an extension of .exe since this is consistent with application files under DOS and Windows.

A machine that makes services available on a network to client programs. A file server makes files available. A WAIS server makes full-text information available through the WAIS protocol (although WAIS uses the term source interchangeably with server).

Structure-enhanced text. A method of implicitly marking up text files to make them both easy to read online and readable by special browser software offline.

A method of software distribution in which the software may be freely distributed, and you may try it before paying. If you decide to keep and use the program, you send your payment directly to the shareware author.

A common interface‹either command-based or graphical. Typical Unix Shells are csh, ksh, and sh. The Macintosh Shell is the Finder; the DOS Shell is COMMAND.COM; and the Windows Shell is the Program Manager.

Several lines automatically appended to your email messages, usually listing your name and email address, sometimes along with witty sayings and ASCII graphics. Keep them short, and leave out the ASCII graphics.

The filename extension used by files compressed with StuffIt, a popular Macintosh archival and compression program.

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Serial Line Internet Protocol. Like PPP, a protocol that lets your computer pretend it is a full Internet machine using only a modem and a normal phone line. SLIP is older and less flexible than PPP but somewhat more prevalent.

Collections of characters meant to totally replace body language, intonation, and complete physical presence. ;-)

Simple Mail Transport Protocol. The protocol used by mail transfer agents on the Internet to transfer mail. Eudora uses SMTP to send mail.

snail mail
The standard name on the Internet for paper mail because email can travel across the country in seconds, whereas my birthday present from my parents took a week once.

In WAIS jargon, a database of information. Used interchangeably with server in the context of WAIS.

The act of sending hundreds of inappropriate postings to Usenet newsgroups and mailing lists. Do it and you'll seriously regret it.

A family of programs originally developed by Raymond Lau and now published by Aladdin Systems. Also the compression format used by those programs. Typically used only in the Macintosh world, the extension is .sit.

system administrator
The person who runs your host machine or network. Also known as the network administrator or just plain administrator. Be very nice to this person.



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