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Glossary Terms - R

The method by which WAIS displays found documents in order of possible utility.

A popular moderated newsgroup devoted to jokes judged funny by the group's moderator. Set up by ClariNet creator Brad Templeton because the rec.humor group became overrun with jokes that no one found funny and discussions about how unfunny they all were.

relevance feedback
A method WAIS uses to "find me more documents like this one."

Request for Comments
Documents containing the standards, proposed standards, and other necessary details regarding the operation of the Internet.

Request for Discussion
The part of the newsgroup creation process in which you propose a group and discussion begins.

See Request for Comments.


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See Request for Discussion.

A popular, if aging, Unix newsreader. Perhaps the most common newsreader available under Unix‹if a Unix machine has a newsfeed, it almost certainly will have rn

root directory
The topmost directory that you can see. Under DOS the root directory is typically c:\. Each volume or disk drive will have its own root directory.

A method of encoding possibly offensive postings on Usenet so that those who don't want to be offended can avoid accidentally seeing the posting. Works by converting each letter to a number (a = 1, b = 2, and so forth), adding 13 to the number, and then converting back into letters, rendering the file unreadable without deciphering.


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