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In the World Wide Web, the name for the basic document type.

PDIAL list
Peter Kaminski's list of public providers that offer full Internet access. Currently quite out of date.

Class of processor brought to you by Intel Corporation. It is the latest entry in the long list of processors of the 80x86 family. Think of it as an 80586 (hence 'Pent'-ium; for 'five'). Some batches calculate floating-point numbers incorrectly, but Intel says that you should only run into this problem once every 27,000 years.

Packetized Ensemble Protocol. Telebit's proprietary method of increasing throughput when two of Telebit's modems connect to each other.

Suite of utilities from PKWARE for compressing and uncompressing DOS and Windows files. Uses the .zip extension.

Post Office Protocol. A protocol for the storage and retrieval of email. Eudora uses POP.

In software, the act of converting code so that a program runs on more than one type of computer. In TCP/IP networking, a number that identifies a specific "channel" used by network services. For instance, Gopher generally uses port 70, but occasionally is set to use other ports on various machines.

To send a message to a discussion group or list.

Point to Point Protocol. A protocol such as SLIP that allows your computer to pretend it is a full Internet machine using only a modem and a normal telephone line.

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Program Group
A mechanism in the Windows Program Manager that allows you to collect like applications. For instance, you could have a group consisting of all WinSock applications. Groups are not nestable, in that you cannot have groups within groups.

Program Item
An executable entity in the form of an icon that lives in a Program Group of the Windows Program Manager. Typically, double-clicking on these will launch applications, but in some cases the icon can launch documents or batch files.

Program Manager
Windows default shell or interface. The Program Manager, unless you've replaced it with something better, like PC Tools for Windows, allows you to launch other Windows applications.

proportionally spaced font
A font whose characters vary in width, so that, for example, a W is wider than an i. Proportionally spaced fonts often work poorly when you're reading text on the Internet.

A language that computers use when talking to each other.

public access provider
An organization that provides Internet access for individuals or other organizations, often for a fee.

public domain
Software that you can use freely, distribute freely, and modify in any way you wish. See also freeware and shareware.


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