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National Center for Supercomputing Applications. A group that has produced a great deal of public domain software for the scientific community. They wrote NCSA Telnet and have completed NCSA Mosaic for Windows, X-Windows, and Macintosh.

net heavies
Those system administrators who run large sites on the Internet. Although they don't necessarily have official posts, they wield more power than most people on the nets.

Stands for NetBIOS Extended User Interface. It is the common networking protocol of Windows for Workgroups. Meant for small local area networks, it is sometimes difficult to get a PC to "talk" NetBEUI at anything else.

Network Basic Input/Output System. NetBIOS is a very basic applications interface to allow an application to communicate on a network.

The most popular of PC local area networks by Novell, Inc. Rather than using TCP/IP as its "standard" protocol for intercomputer communications, it uses IPX/SPX. It is sometimes difficult to get a PC to "talk" TCP/IP and IPX/SPX at the same time.

Network Information Center
An organization that provides information about a network.

Network Time Protocol
A protocol for transmitting the correct time around the Internet.

network time server
The machine from which you set your clock using Network Time Protocol.

Synonymous with Usenet news, or sometimes just Usenet.

A discussion group on Usenet devoted to talking about a specific topic. Currently, over 9,000 newsgroups exist.

The file that Unix newsreaders use to keep track of which messages in which newsgroups you've read.

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A program that helps you read news and provides capabilities for following or deleting threads.

See Network Information Center.

An easy-to-remember shortcut for an email address. Sometimes also called an alias.

nixpub list
A list of public access Internet providers, created and maintained by a man named Phil Eschallier.

A popular Unix newsreader.

Net News Transport Protocol. A transmission protocol for the transfer of Usenet news.

The name of a machine, such as penguin.tidbits.com.

The Boolean operator NOT, which WAIS uses to limit the found documents to ones that contain one term but not another.

Windows application that allows you to view (and edit) ASCII text files. Typically use with files of the .txt extension.

National Research and Education Network. The successor to the NSFNET.

National Science Foundation. The creators of the NSFNET.

National Science Foundation Network. The current high-speed network that links users with supercomputer sites around the country. Also called the interim NREN.

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