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Glossary Terms - J

Joint Academic Network. Great Britain's national network. In true British fashion, JANET addresses work backwards from normal Internet addresses. They work from largest domain to the smallest, as in joe@uk.ac.canterbury.cc.trumble. Luckily, most gateways to JANET perform the necessary translations automatically.

The sometimes incomprehensible language used to talk about specialized topics. If you need help with computer jargon, check out Jargon, by Robin Williams, a lighthearted and detailed trip through this industry.

Jolt cola
All the sugar and twice the caffeine of normal colas. First suggested as a joke by comedian George Carlin, later developed and marketed by Carlin and a food industry entrepreneur.

An attempt at sounding intelligent, but ending up wasting peoples' time and coming off like an idiot.

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Joint Photographic Experts Group. A group that has defined a compression scheme that reduces the size of image files by up to 20 times at the cost of slightly reduced image quality.

A filename extension used to mark JPEG-compressed images. On many sites, the file extension may be .jpeg.

A searching agent for Gopher, much like Veronica, but more focused.


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