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Glossary Terms - I

See Internet Architecture Board.

International Business Machines. IBM remains one of the most powerful companies in the computer industry despite numerous problems in recent years. Developer of numerous mainframes and operating systems, many of which are still in use today. Codeveloped OS/2 with Microsoft (which has since bowed out to concentrate on Windows NT).

See Internet Engineering Task Force.

Interactive Mail Access Protocol. A new protocol for the storage and retrieval of email (much like POP, the Post Office Protocol). It's not in wide use yet.

Abbreviation for the expression "In my humble opinion."

information agent
A software program (currently only an interface to frequently updated databases) that can search numerous databases for information that interests you without your having to know what it is searching. Archie and Veronica are current examples of information agents.

With a lowercase i, it's a group of connected networks.

The collection of all the connected networks in the world, although it is sometimes better called WorldNet or just the net. More specifically, the Internet is the set of networks that communicate via TCP/IP. If you're still confused, go back and read chapters 1 through 8.

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Internet Architecture Board
A group of invited volunteers that manages certain aspects of the Internet, such as standards and address allocation.

Internet Engineering Task Force
A volunteer organization that meets regularly to discuss problems facing the Internet.

Internet Protocol. The main protocol used on the Internet.

IP number
A four-part number that uniquely identifies a machine on the Internet. For instance, my IP number for penguin.tidbits.com is People generally use the name instead.

Internet Relay Chat. A worldwide network of people talking to each other in real time over the Internet rather than in person.

Internal Revenue Service. If you live in the United States and are not aware of them, you might want to watch out.

The Internet Society. A membership organization that supports the Internet and is the governing body to which the IAB reports.


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