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Glossary Terms - H

The part of an email message or Usenet posting that contains information about the message, such as who it's from, when it was sent, and so on. Headers are mainly interesting when something doesn't work.

home page
In the World Wide Web, the document that you access first after launching a Web browser.

The computer you connect to for your Internet access.

HyperText Markup Language. The language used to mark up text files with styles and links for use with World Wide Web browsers.


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HyperText Transport Protocol. The protocol used by the World Wide Web.

A term created by visionary Ted Nelson to describe nonlinear writing in which you follow associative paths through a world of textual documents.

Stands for HyperTelnet. Essentially a database of Telnet sites and other Internet resources that can link to other programs when you want to connect to a site you've found. Interesting, but not as useful as Gopher.

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