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Glossary Terms - A

A method of identifying a resource (such as a program) or piece of information (such as a file) on a network. Methods of addressing vary considerably from network to network.

The Boolean ADJACENT operator, used by WAIS to indicate that the two terms on either side of an ADJ tag should sit next to each other in found documents.

One of the earliest text adventure games written for computers. It is the forerunner of the popular Zork series from Infocom.

America Online
A popular commercial information service with a graphical interface.

The Boolean AND operator, used by WAIS to indicate that found documents must contain both terms that appear in the question.

Shorthand for America Online. Each letter is pronounced separately.

An older DOS archiving format.

An invaluable Internet service that maintains, and allows users to search, a large database of materials stored on anonymous FTP sites.

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archive site
A site that archives files for users to retrieve, via either FTP or email.

Advanced Research Projects Agency. The governmental organization responsible for creating the beginnings of the Internet.

The proto-Internet network created by ARPA.

American Standard Code for Information Interchange. In the context of a file, an ASCII file is one that contains only "text" characters: numbers, letters, and standard punctuation. Although ASCII text can contain international characters available in Windows ("upper-ASCII"), these characters are not commonly supported by Internet services such as email, Gopher, and FTP. In FTP, it's a command that tells FTP that you will be transferring text files (which is the default).

atob (pronounced "a to b")
A Unix program that turns ASCII files into binary files. The btoa program does the reverse.

Files that linked to a specific email message, just as you might paperclip a clipping to a snail mail letter.

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