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So What Media & Management

Vision International--Booking Agency


Music Industry Services: 

Songwriters Guild of America

Friedman, Kannenberg & Co. - Management & Consulting

The Royalty Network - royalty tracking/collection




MBM Entertainment Group, Inc.

Mission Control Artists Agency

PowerStar Management

Wyatt Management Worldwide




Atomic Starfish

Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion

Bluestar Promotions

Cardinal Productions

Cellar Door Productions

CenterStage Productions

Association of Music Industry Newsletters

Golden Groove Productions


TAXI - The Independent A&R Vehicle

Watson & Benson Music


Production Companies 

Odessa Productions

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Owen Avenue Productions

Preston - Beachwood Music Production

RPM Music Production



Emerald City Studios (Boston)

Blue Jay Recording Studios (Boston)

K & R Music Group (Boston)

Mworks Inc. Mastering (Boston)

Parsons Audio & Multimedia

Q Division Recording Studio

EI Studios

DRT Mastering

A & M Recording Studios

Acoustic Legacy Studios

Atomic Sound

Audio Logic Studio

Bakalite Sound Studio

Beagle Productions

Bizy Backson Productions

Black Fish Recordings

Bliss Productions

Creative Media

DDV Studios

Dynamic Recording Studios

Kludge Audio




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