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A D Music
This is another company that specializes in "electronic, esoteric and unusual music." They only have a few artists, but most artist have at least 2 CDs.

"Allegro is the largest distributor of independent classical music in America. Allegro also distributes Jazz, World Music, Nostalgia, Special Effects and Military Marching Band Music." Most of the music is either on cassette or CD format, and ordering is easy. For more information call.

Apollo Records
Another "ambient music" label.

Awareness Records
Mostly stuff by G.G. Allen and one Charles Manson CD. Available on CDs, cassettes and LPs. Easy to order, and prices are reasonable.

BMG Music Club & Columbia House Music Club
The BMG site is easy to use and has a frequently asked questions list.

Bad Habits Music
Only two artists so far. More to come.

Big Round Records
Only two artists at the moment. To order, send check or money order.

Black Boot Records
"A new country/roots-focused label based in Seattle, WA." Only one artist at the moment, but if you're interested in this type of music, you might want to check in every once in awhile to see what's new.

Bogus Records
Small label. Primarily local Pittsburgh bands.

C/Z Records
"Seattle scene" type stuff.

CD Now
This site makes it fairly easy to order. Once you find the artist you want, you just select the title and put it in your virtual shopping cart.

CD World
Claims to be the "largest Internet discount music store." Very easy to navigate.

Charnel Music
Another small label with four different artist to choose from. Check or money orders only.

Comatonse Recordings
Yet another label of electronic "ambient music". To order you must send check or money order. Recordings are pressed on vinyl.

Cyber Music Outlet Store
Thousands of CDs at 50% - 80% off retail prices available now on the Internet's first virtual outlet store for classical, jazz pop, world, new age and blues.

dmp Records
More contemporary jazz.

Dischord Records
If you like bands like Fugazi, Lungfish, Beefeater, and Egghunt, this is where you should look. By the way, not everything they carry is on CD. Some titles are also available on vinyl. To order music, or to request a catalog, call or write.

Dive Records
Small, independent label with only a few singles on its current roster. If you're interested in any of the music, please write.

Double-time Jazz Catalog
This is definitely a Jazz-only catalog. Nothing else is covered on this site. Prices are fair.

E C M Records
In addition to selling CDs and cassettes, ECM's site offers information about various artists and tour dates.

EEG Records
Another label with just one artist. The cool thing is that their one and only CD is $7.95! What a steal.

East Side Digital Music
$14.98 per CD. Check or money order.

Emotif, Inc.
If you're into new age or progressive jazz, this is the place for you. The music is offered on cassette or CD format and you can order online. Cassettes are $8.00 and CD's are $11.00.

ENEMY Records
This label has some real hip music, and all CDs are $11.99. Check or money orders only.

Etiquette Records
This label specializes in '50s R&B from the northwest area.

Frontier Records
Now here's a label that actually has more than 2 CDs to offer. They have at the very least 15 CDs to choose from. Some good stuff too. Check or money order.

Global Music Outlet
You will find a little bit of everything here: instrumental, singer/songwriters, unsigned songwriters, African pop. Plus, their prices are reasonable.

Go Kart Records
Small, but interesting selection. Check or money orders.

Greg's Music World
This virtual catalog has music from every major and not so major Australian artist. Prices are steep.

Halycon Records
More G.G. Allin and others as well.

Hearts of Space Records
Catalog of New Age recordings. CDs are moderately priced and they have an easy to use online order form.

Heyday Records
Small San Francisco label founded in 1988 that is dedicated to "recording music that falls somewhere between roots music, indie alternative and modern rock." They have a nice little collection of music that's worth checking out. Prices are fair and ordering is easy.

Higher Octave Music
Sells CDs and cassettes. The new Neal Schon and the new Jonathan Cain solo albums can be found on this label, plus dozens of other artists. $15.00 for CDs and $10.00 for cassettes.

Intertainment Inc.
This site provides clear instructions, making it easy to use. Also, prices are good, with cassettes at $7.50 and CDs $11.50. Most of the artists are relatively unknown (which explains the prices). But, if you want a change of pace, do yourself a favor and check this out.

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JMS-Records is an independent French label specializing in jazz and progressive rock. CDs are $15.00 each (including shipping and handling).

Jazz Focus Records
This Canadian record label offers a small (very small) collection of interesting jazz CDs. However, the selection is new and different and they will soon be adding more CDs. CDs are $20 each.

Jazz Inspiration Records
Another small Canadian label with some fine jazz. You should take a look.

This is an acoustic label containing, for the most part, music based on hardbop. CDs are $15.00 each (including shipping and handling).

Lipstick Records
This is a record label concentrating on jazz with electronic instruments. You might recognize this music as "fusion" or "contemporary jazz," but this label doesn't use those terms. CDs are $15.00 each (including shipping and handling).

Magnetic Records
Online music catalog. Magnetic is an independent record label featuring bands such as, Monks of Doom, Hieronymus Firebrain, Jack & Jill and others.

Mass Music
This is a very easy to use site. You can order what you find online or fax your order to them. Simple. Try them, their selection is huge.

Metropolis Records
Small label with an unusual collection. Average CD cost: $12.99

The Music Express, ETC. Store
Ordering involves cutting and pasting information about artists and prices. Still, this site is interesting because its inventory is based on your suggestions.

Music Kiosk
This site is very easy to use, and if you are into categories, they have plenty of them. Again, prices are cheap because the artists are relatively unknown.

Music of the World
Music from all over the world. Right now ordering is by phone or mail only (no email yet).

Music Scene International
MSI was created to "respond to the independent labels and individual artists' need for an affordable way to advertise, promote, distribute and sell their music and other merchandise directly to their fans."

Noteworthy Music
Noteworthy Music offers a large selection of music, but figuring out how to order is a little tricky.

Noteworthy Records
Founded in September 1993 by LA-based recording artist and studio musician Michael Paulo. This is a jazz label aimed at the artist. Average price is $15.98. Checks and money orders only.

OZMOZ Records
"OZMOZ is a record label that focuses on giving you 'shivers' and physical reactions."

Pentagon CDs & Tapes
This is one the most impressive online stores I have come across in some time. I used there search engine to look up music I was certain they weren't going to carry. And guess what? They had the music! And usually for $2 or $3 below retail.
If you want the usual top forty or maybe something slighty outside, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.

Performance Records
If you're looking for the soundtrack to Ed Wood's "Plan 9 from Outer Space," or maybe Dr. Timothy Leary's "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out," you will find them here. Check it out.

Propulsion Records
More weird stuff for $10 bucks a pop. You can't do better than that. Check or money orders only.

Quirkworks Laboratory
Not much in this catalog except for three recordings by Richard Bone.

RAGE Records

Hip-Hop label with 3 CDs so far at $11.99 apiece. Check or money order only.
Rainy Day Records
Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Rainy Day Records promotes and distributes the music of some of the southeast's finest musicians. You can order direct.

Solesides Records
Solesides Records is a small northern California label with only three artists right now. Hip-hop is their specialty. Send check or money order.

Soundwire has lots of music in every style. Artists are listed alphabetically, and a colored dot next to each album title identifies the style of music. Prices are pretty good and ordering is easy; just click on an order form located on the right- hand side of the screen.

This catalog specializes in electronic and synthesizer music. You should contact them for prices.

This is a list of record stores across the U.S. that specialize in dance music (DJs). All vinyl.

Visible Records
Label specializing in dance/ambient/experimental music. Call for more info or to order direct.

Windham Hill Records
Probably the biggest, and most well known of all the New Age record companies. Phone orders only.





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