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The Piano Page
This site is a service of the Piano Technicians Guild. It offers historical information, buying tips, photos, and more.

Piano Ruins Your Life
A short story by a 12 year old girl in Wisconsin.

The WWW Virtual Keyboard
Play music online (very very slooooow music).

Pipe Organs and Related Topics
This is the web page for the pipe organ mailing list.

Theatre Organs
Lots of pictures, plus purchasing tips and links to related sites.

The Reed Organ Home Page

Organs of the Merrimack Valley

American Pipe Organ Builders Association

The Church Organ Group


Manufacturers & Stores

Loemker Pipe Organs Home Page

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Ontko & Young Pipe Organs

Organ Clearing House

Casavant Fréres

New England Organ Works

Instructional Material & Help

The Piano Education Page
A great resource for information about learning and teaching piano.


Sheet Music

The Johns Hopkins University Sheet Music Collection
Currently under construction, but it looks like this will be an excellent resource in the future.


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