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For those into MIDI, you will find a collection of vintage synth sounds and percussion samples from ARP, MOOG, OBERHEIM, SEQUENTIAL, etc. Contact TSI for a complete catalog of Sample CDs, CD-ROMs, and other software. You can also find out about Digitar here. This is a device that allows you to produce guitar-like sounds from your keyboard.

Future Music
This is a magazine dedicated to high-tech music and equipment. Interviews with some of the ground-breaking players in the field and monthly product reviews are provided.

Introduction to MIDI
This article, written by Eric Lipscomb, is a good MIDI primer.

A multimedia software solution provider.


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 Music Machines
"Music Machines is devoted to information about music-making machines" such as synthesizers and drum machines. There are also images, descriptions, reviews, and other information you will find useful.

Harmony Central MIDI Tools and Resources

Unofficial SGI MIDI page


Tablature Software

Bucket 'o Tab
"Bucket 'o Tab is a shareware tablature creation system for MS - Windows."

Arctic Software
Guitar tablature software plus other related links.


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