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About the Steel Drum
A site devoted to the history and evolution of the steel drum.

America Drum Shop

Drumline Forum
A solid online reference for marching percussionist and instructors.

A resource for women who drum.

Drummer's Web
A site "for the millions of drummers and percussionists in Europe, America, Australia, Asia and Africa, as well as for those few people who do not yet play drums, but who are nevertheless interested in the subject."

Drums and Drumming
A light hearted look at the art of drumming.

The Drums and Percussion Page
This site has everything from how-to guides to drummer jokes.

National Drum Circle Directory
A list of drum circles, organized by state.

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Doumbek Rhythms
"This guide provides a basic set of hints and tips for the beginning drummer, as well as a list of basic Middle Eastern rhythms and a few of their different variations."

The Bodhran
"The Bodhran is the heartbeat of Irish music."

"Kodo was formed in 1981 by a community of people who had come to Sado Island in the Sea of Japan ten years earlier to devote themselves to the study of the taiko, the traditional Japanese drum."



Drum Sets

Adinolfi Alternative Percussion

African American Drum Company

Ayotte Custom Drums

Dauz Drum Company

Dave Drums


DrumSmith Custom Creations

Gaither Custom Drums


GMS Drums

Legend Drums

Ludwig Musser

Noble & Cooley



Pork Pie Percussion





other Drums and Misc. Percussion

All One Tribe Drums

Barrelhouse Drum Co.

Clevelander Drum Company

Djembe Drums

Healing Earth Drums

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Cyber Drum

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Rhythm Magazine

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Instructional Material & Help

Bill Powellson's School of Drums
Drums made easy. Alot of useful information.

Chuck Silverman Page, The

Drum Rudiments

Online Drum Lessons

Resources for Learning Middle Eastern Drumming


Sheet Music

The Rhythm Catalog



Percussive Arts Society


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