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" A webzine aimed at working musicians." Remember GIG magazine?

Spontaneous Combustion Magazine
Punk rock magazine. Back orders available. Send check or money orders.

The Pedal Steel Pages

Windplayer Online
Windplayer is an online magazine for anyone who plays flute, trumpet, trombone, saxophone or clarinet. You'll find interviews with some of the world's most influential windplayers. You'll also find masterclasses, addresses for manufacturers and suppliers, and a classifieds section.

Classic CD
Here you will find news, features and reviews on some of the latest classical music releases.

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Urban Desires
"This E-Zine has been described as a bi-monthly chronicle of metropolitan passions."

Dirty Linen
"The magazine of folk, electric folk, traditional and world music."

Alternative Press Magazine
The new music magazine. For more information, send email.

Addicted To Noise
Online music magazine.

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