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How Things Work: The Accordion
A little introduction to the instrument, for those of you unfamiliar with it.

Mr. Smarty Pants Accordion Facts
Offers interesting facts and trivia about the accordion.

The Golden Age of the Accordion
For anyone with an interest in the history of the accordion in the U.S.

Accordion Foolishness
"...silly accordion and concertina discussions."

Bibliography of Works about Accordions
A guide to some of the few books written about the accordion.

HMT: Wendy's Stuff
This page belongs to Wendy Morrison an employee/instructor of House of Musical Traditions. You can be sure that you will find useful information here regarding both the accordion and concertina.

Accordion FAQ
Plenty of useful information for the accordion enthusiast.



The Concertina
A short history of the instrument.

The Anglo Concertina
Information on the anglo concertina and how it is played.

The World of Diatonics and Bandoneons
Some information about these instruments.


Instrument Dealers

The National Music and Entertainment Directory
Dealers and distributors you can call for info on purchasing an accordion.

Accordion O Rama


Places to Shop

George's Music
A wide variety of instruments to choose from. Sheet music too!

Hobgoblin specializes in traditional, folk and Celtic music instruments. They have a nice assortment of concertinas, piano accordions and melodeons.

Homewood Musical Instruments
Music store specializing in acoustics instruments such as guitar, banjo, accordions and concertinas.

House of Musical Traditions
This music store carries instruments, accessories, recordings and music from around the world. Definitely worth checking out!

Lark In The Morning
For those of you that are looking for a new instrument or something a little out of the ordinary, this is the place to look. This store specializes in hard to find musical instruments. Instructional material is available and you can also order online.

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Instructional Material & Help

How to Choose a Squeezebox
Information on the various types of concertinas, the differences between accordions and concertinas and much more.

Squeezebox Care Tips
A page devoted to keeping your squeezebox in shape.


Miscellaneous Resources

The Harmonium - A Sketch of the Free Reed
A little history on the instrument.

Don Nichols' Concertina Page
Don's home page offers a tour of a concertina, information about how to tune a concertina, and links to related sites.

Robert Wallis' Accordion Microphoe Page
Tips on how to properly mic your accordion.

Dan's Squeezebox Sound Page
A collection of squeezebox sound clips for your listening pleasure.

Big Squeeze, The
Some album reviews of music that features the accordion.

Tune Web
A collection of traditional tunes.


Ensembles / Artists

Astor Piazolla

Brave Combo

I.K. Dairo

Grand Rapids, Michigan Accordion Ensemble, The

Maria Kalaniemi

Those Darn Accordions!














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