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Historical Figures:

The U.S. Presidents

The World of Benjamin Franklin

Abraham Lincoln

Harriet Tubman

Susan B. Anthony

Betsy Ross

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline

Letters Home from a Soldier in the U.S. Civil War

Amelia Earhart

The Emily Project

Wyatt Earp


Harry Houdini

Thomas Edison

The Farnsworth Chronicles

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Viking Network

Shakespeare -- Illustrated



World of Escher

The Official Salvador Dali Museum Website

Leonardo da Vinci Museum

The Andy Warhol Museum

Vincent Van Gogh

Edgar Degas



Ludwig Van Beethoven

Franz Liszt

Frederic Chopin

Mozart's Musikalisches Wurfelspiel
A great interactive musical dice game invented by Mozart!

Leonard Bernstein

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Jim Carrey

Sandra Bullock

Jackie Chan

Mel Gibson

Christina Ricci

Alicia Silverstone

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Sports Figures:

Michael Jordan

Penny Hardaway

Larry Johnson

Cal Ripken, Jr.

Wayne Gretsky

Michelle Kwan

Dominique Moceanu

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be . . .

An FBI Agent

An Astronaut

A Zookeeper

A Police Officer

an Airline Worker

A Firefighter!

A Chef

A Nurse

A Cowboy/Cowgirl






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