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Kids' Lynx - Arts & Crafts

The Refrigerator
Enter contests and show off your artwork and writing on the world's biggest fridge!

Aunt Annie's Crafts
Lots of great projects!

The Toy Story Online Storybook
Read 'Toy Story' online here! If you loved the movie, you'll love this Disney page!

Balloon Modeling
An amazing collection of toy/decorative balloon information!

Fun and Easy Crafts for Kids
No pictures, but easy instructions on some fun crafts you don't need a computer for!

Recipes for Playdough, etc.
Have a grown-up help you here! Easy recipes and instructions for "doughy" crafts.


Coloring Fun:

Carlos' Coloring Book
Put away your crayons! Color in an apple, a birthday wish, a computer, an Easter Egg, a Leprechaun or Santa and Rudolph -- all online!

Kid's World - Coloring Book
A storybook that lets you color in the pictures as you read along!

Crayola - Home of your favorite crayon! Has Crayon facts, history, trivia, stain removal tips, contests and games!

Land Before Time Coloring Book - Online dinosaur coloring book!

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Space Coloring Book
- This place has all kinds of cool space pictures that you can print out and color by hand! (Like they used to do in the olden days before computers!)


Make Your Own Puppets!:

Binky the Polar Bear
Click on this link, print out the page and follow the instructions to make a Binky the Polar Bear paper bag puppet!

Stage Hand Puppets Activity Page
This page features puppet patterns, activities, and online puppet theater where you can write (and have published) your own puppet play!



Joseph Wu's Origami Page
Origami is the japanese art of paperfolding. See Joseph's examples of origami that he made himself! They're incredible!

How to Make the Paper Crane
Now learn how to make an origami crane!



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