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While some movie sites stay around indefinitely, others are taken down shortly after the film is released. So, don't be suprised if a site disappears. We will do our best to keep the links current, but if you find a dead link, or if you would like us to add a site to our list, please send us an email.

Note: This page offers links to both official and "unofficial" movie sites.

This is a rather long page, we have chosen to break it in half. There will now be two pages: A - L and M - Z.

 A - L

2001: A Space Odyssey

Adventures of Pinocchio, The



Anne Frank Remembered

Army of Darkness

Arrival, The

Back to the Future

Batman Forever

Beauty and the Beast

Because I Am

Before Comedy: The Birth of a Notion

Beyond Rangoon

Birdcage, The

Black Belt Jones

Blade Runner / Blade Runner

Blue in the Face

Blues Brothers, The


Bridges of Madison County

Broken Arrow

Cable Guy, The


Carried Away


Celluloid Closet

Christmas Story, A

City Hall


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Clockwork Orange, A / Clockwork Orange, A



Cool Hand Luke

Dead Man


Dylan Thomas - Return Journey



Escape From New York

Family Thing, A

Faraway, So Close!


From Dusk Till Dawn

Get Shorty

Godfather, The



Home for the Holidays

Hoop Dreams

I Coach Wendy's

Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love, The

Kansas City

La Jette

Lion King, The

Little Princess, A

Living Proof: HIV and the Pursuit of Happiness

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