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Documentary Box
A journal devoted to covering recent trends in thinking about and making documentaries.

The Doc Films
The Documentary Film Group is the longest continuously running student film society in the nation.


Hong Kong Movies

Introduction to Asian Movies
Information about Chinese cinema. Included are actor/actress profiles, movie clips, pictures and related links.

Hong Kong Cinema
Everything you need to know about film in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Film Critics Society
Reviews of current Hong Kong films.

Hong Kong Movies
Plenty of stuff here. Such as, filmographies, reviews, interviews, FAQ and more.

Hong Kong Movies Picture Library

Mandarin Films
A look at some of the latest films from the Mandarin Films Distribution Co.

The Hong Kong Hotel
Here you'll find martial arts movies.



Absolute Horror
Plenty of horror movie reviews, horror movie lists and links to horror movie resources.

Beyond Books
This site deals with the film adaptions of H.P. Lovecraft's books.

HORRENDOUS! Films That Go Bump in Your Mind
"Horror film reviews covering everything from the classic to the spastic."

Horror Films: A Bibliography
"A bibliography of horror, terror and macabre cinema."

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Science Fiction

The Science Fiction Page
Links to a number of science fiction pages.

The WWW Science Fiction Film Page
A collection of reviews, posters and links related to science fiction films.  


Silent Movies

Silent Movie Showcase, The
A silent movie theater located in Los Angeles, CA. Monthly showings.

Classic Images
A monthly publication dedicated to providing the best in classic movie information.

Thanhouser Company Film Preservation, Inc.
Learn more about the history of the Thanhouser film enterprise.

Silent Movies
Features a silent star of the month section, info about the film makers and stars of that era and much more.  



Cowboy's, Outlaws, N'erdowells and Sidekicks
"Home of the silver screen cowboys, devoted to the western tradition."



The James Bond Movie Page

Alfred Hitchcock - The Master of Suspense



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