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This page includes links to directors of both film and television . If we have overlooked a site, please send us an email with the URL.

Allen, Woody / Allen, Woody / Allen, Woody

Avary, Roger

Base, Giulio

Behar, Andrew

Bergman, Igmar

Besson, Luc

Cameron, James

Carpenter, John

Coscarelli, Don

Cronenberg, David

Figgis, Mike

Gilliam, Terry / Gilliam, Terry

Godard, Jean-Luc

Greenaway, Peter

Hartley, Hal

Haynes, Todd

Hitchcock, Alfred / Hitchcock, Alfred / Hitchcock, Alfred

Jarvilaturi, Ilkka

Jost, Jon

Kiarostami, Abbas

Kieslowski, Krzysztof

Kubrick, Stanley / Kubrick, Stanley

Kurosawa, Akira


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Ray, Satyajit / Ray, Satyajit

Reiner, Rob

Spielberg, Steven

Stone, Oliver

Tarkovsky, Andrej

Tornatore, Giuseppe

Truffaut, Francois

Vigo, Jean

Wai, Wong Kar

Waters, John / Waters, John

Weilly, John

Welles, Orson

Wenders, Wim

Wittenstein, Alyce

Woo, John

Wood, Ed

Zahedi, Caveh


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