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Adventures in Education
Education may be an adventure, but you can't take it on without the fuel. The Texas Guaranteed Loan Corporation brings you valuable tips on how to find, land and pay for college loans. Get the skinny on applying for scholarships and avoid getting burned.

College Funding Company
College-planning information, financial-aid applications mark this site. Use the calculators to estimate college savings.

College Resource Pathway
Access a large directory of financial aid resources and advice for both undergrad and grad school. Resources include all types of media -- books, CD-ROMs and Web sites -- rated by a four-star system. Search according to nationality and ethnicity.

Education Services Foundation
Start your first steps toward college by visiting this site for cost calculations, financial aid tips, college search tools.

FinAid The Financial Aid Information Page
Take a solid first step to finding out the who, what, where and how to get financial aid. See if you qualify as a "special population/interest" student, or get involved in a discussion forum. Stop by the FAQ or explore other financial aid Web links.

Financial Aid for College
Looking for the extra cash to get through school? Here's a company with a plan for you.

Constantly updated, this online service is a clearinghouse of financial-aid informtion. And it's free.

Free Scholarships and Financial-Aid
Never before have students had such an easy, fast and completely FREE way to learn about their educational and scholarship options.


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Higher Education: How High the Price
This five-part series on the rising costs in U.S. higher education by the Philadelphia Inquirer Online asks all the right questions. Its overview of American education resources includes home pages of hundreds of colleges and advice on financial aid.

Office of Postsecondary Education
Features a guide for students seeking financial aid, news for financial-aid administrators, information about funding for institutions.

Peterson's Education Center: Financing Education
Not just a financial-planner, this site delivers career resources, studying abroad information, other essentials for students.

Project EASI - Easy Access for Students and Institutions
Use this "comprehensive student financial-aid delivery system" to find application and repayment information, education planning.

Road to College
WNPB-TV out of West Virginia offers a video that guides students and parents through the financial aid process.

Sallie Mae
Sallie Mae is one of the leading financial institutions arranging and granting loans to people in college. In addition to the usual spiel about its services, Sallie Mae offers tips on the best way to plan ahead for college and how to apply for grants.

Scholarships & Financial Aid for College
This company helps students secure money for higher education. Get an outline of services here.

Student Financial Aid FAQs
Newsgroup topics cover planning tips, scholarship searches, scams and other valuable information for college-bound students.

Student Guide, The
Need a student loan? Your best bet is to hit up Uncle Sam, according to the Department of Education. This beneficial site takes you on a step-by-step tour of all the Federal Student Aid programs and how to apply for them.

Student Services
Tracking down financial aid couldn't be easier. Plug in your major, and this database brings up funding opportunities.

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