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College Choice
Information service helps students get a head start on preparing for college. Tips on everything from choosing appropriate high school classes to completing an entrance application make the labor of preparing for college seem manageable.

The days of touring campuses are over. Information-packed resource for people considering college and graduate school allows prospectives to search for institutions in preferred states and tuition ranges.

Locator service provides information about colleges around the United States. Search by college name or personal preferences to find profiles of over 3,500 colleges, financial aid resources, electronic applications and career-planning tools.

Over 26,777 graduate programs all over the world indexed alphabetically by curriculum, subdivided by geographic area.

Before entering the higher-learning fray, collect college facts, admission stats and information about standardized testing. Get tips about studying, learn how to fund your university education and get a good job when you're through.

Princeton Review, The
Peddles preparatory courses for standardized tests and offers free information devoted to digging up financial aid. With impeccable organization, the Princeton Review racks up a perfect score for college information pages.

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Thousands of study abroad programs in more than 100 countries throughout the world; search by country, subject, language.

U.S.News Colleges & Careers Center: .edu
Search the large college database and see which ones rank at the top. Find out how to get financial aid and how to start your career when you're finished with classwork

Home & Education
Learn more about home schooling, attention deficit disorder and the advantages of using computers in education. Learn how to help an unmotivated learner or browse education news.

Special education becomes truly unique when computers are used to dazzle and guide, according to the founders of this national learning center. Lights, images, sounds: Multimedia brings together the favorite elements of any child's learning experience.

Peterson's Education Center
Contains thousands of links to K-12 schools, universities and academic programs. Search the database, request information, apply online or interact with faculty and administration at educational institutions the world over.

Planet K-12
Indispensable starting point for teachers wishing to access the Net for information usable in the contemporary classroom. Includes educational resources, a search engine, lesson plans, tools, store, a teachers lounge and much more.

A comprehensive resource for and about educators and education. There are more than 4,000 links to K-12 schools across the country, plus additional links to medical, business, law and journalism schools.

Study Web
Huge directory helps students and teachers streamline their research efforts. Includes an approximate grade level with each Web site review. Use the reviews to narrow your search results.


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