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Ames Imaging Library System

Ames Research Center

Big Rocks Flying Through The Sky Too Close For Comfort
NASA is watching the skies for asteroids and comets that may pose an impact hazard on earth. Technically, the heavenly bodies they seek are those with near Earth orbits.

Evidence of Primitive Life on Early Mars
A NASA research team of scientists at the Johnson Space Center and at Stanford University has found evidence that strongly suggests primitive life may have existed on Mars more than 3.6 billion years ago. The evidence includes what may be microscopic fossils of bacteria-like organisms inside an ancient Martian rock that fell to Earth as a meteorite 13,000 years ago.

Facts: Space Shuttle

Frequently Asked Questions about NASA

Goddard Space Flight Center
The Goddard Space Flight Center seeks to expand our knowledge of the Earth and its environment, the solar system and the universe through observations from space.

International Space Station
The mission is to build and operate the International Space Station-a world class orbital research facility that is safe, productive, affordable, and attainable. As the station is built this web site will also grow, bringing you up to date information on our progress.

Liftoff to Space Exploration
All the latest shuttle mission information at your fingertips. Real-time countdown for the next STS mission, a J-Track Java applet tracking Atlantis, Mir, Hubble, UARS and COBE, top NASA Headlines and today in space history.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Managed for NASA by the California Institute of Technology, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is the lead U.S. center for robotic exploration of the solar system. JPL spacecraft have visited all known planets except Pluto (a Pluto mission is currently under study for the late 1990s).

Johnson Space Center

Kennedy Space Center
Carved out of virgin savanna and marsh in the early 1960's as the departure point for Project Apollo's manned explorations of the moon, the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) has primary responsibility for ground turnaround and support operations, pre-launch checkout and launch of the Space Shuttle and its payloads, including NASA's eventual Space Station.

Langley Research Center

Lewis Research Center
The work of the Center is directed toward new propulsion, power and communications technologies for application to aeronautics and space.

Lunar Prospector
Lunar Prospector went into orbit about the Moon on January 11, 1998. This is the first NASA Moon mission in 25 years! Using this web site, you can find out whatever you need to know about this historic mission as well as follow Prospector in its incredible search for water ice on the lunar surface.

Mars Pathfinder Mission Home Page
Get the latest news, Tracking, Objectives and Observation at this site.

Marshall Space Flight Center
The Marshall Center is one of NASA's largest centers, occupying 1,800 acres in Huntsville, Alabama. Its primary mission is to lead the Agency to develop and maintain space transportation and propulsion systems and conduct microgravity research.

Moonwalk With Me
Astronaut wanna-be's can get more of a feel for the job thanks to QTVR movies of the Apollo 16 and 17 moonwalks. NASA constructed from actual images gathered during those manned missions. There are also links to several more from the viewpoints of the space shuttle and Mir space station. For teachers, there's a detailed lesson plan for helping students design their own exploratory space mission to Mars. Rockets not included.

NASA Internet Educational Resources
These listings provide pointers to some online resources for students and educators, as well as to projects that foster increased use of new computer and networking technologies to help support accelerated learning programs in education.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA's National Space Science Data Center News
Archived back to 1994

NASA's Origins Program
Origins goals -- searching out clues to fundamental questions about the universe and life itself -- will drive technology and science that will rewrite textbooks in physics, chemistry, biology, and quite possibly, history. The results could literally change the way humans think about the universe and their place in it.

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NASA Planetary Rings Node
The Planetary Rings Node is devoted to archiving and distributing scientific data sets relevant to planetary ring systems.

NASA Live Cams and Mission Displays

NASA Mission Patches

NASA Online Educational Resources

NASA Releases First Version of Online Photo Database
A new online collection of NASA photographs and images provides a single point of entry to various photographic databases of six NASA centers. Includes search engine.

NASA Solar Data Analysis Center
The Solar Data Analysis Center is located at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland USA.

Photo Gallery

Video Gallery
The listings on NASA's Photo Gallery and Video Gallery pages have been broadened and updated to provide a much richer resource for those looking for visual imagery from space.

Researching NASA's Research
NASA has committed to the Web in a massive way. One of its new sites, maintained in Houston by the Lunar and Planetary Institute, focuses on our solar system. It's a good starting point if you need images, data, background or links. Most of the "Hot Topics" have appeared in mass media: craters on Venus and Ganymede, for instance, and exploration of Mars.

The Space Calendar
The Space Calendar covers space-related activities and anniversaries for the coming year. Included are over 550 links to related home pages.

Space Shuttle Mission STS-86
Please check out our educational site, which highlights our flight preparations for Space Shuttle Mission STS-86. The site is unique on the web, tracking our training for an exciting Shuttle-Mir docking and space walk (September 18th launch). Everything you ever wanted to know about what it takes to fly in space, in the words and images of our astronaut crew. Q&A section, weekly updates. Thanks!
The Crew of STS-86

Space Shuttle Photographs
The collection contains photographs from STS-41C to the present and is continually growing with each space shuttle mission. Astronauts have captured spectacular Earth-looking views as well as photographs of extra-vehicular activities (EVA's), such as the Hubble Space Telescope repair, and spacecraft and satellite deployments.

NASA Spacelink An Aeronautics & Space Resource for Educators

NASA Space Shuttle Launches
From this site, you can access a variety of useful information about Shuttle launches from the Kennedy Space Center, including the Latest Shuttle Manifest and a list of future shuttle missions.

NASA Television
NASA Television provides live coverage of all space shuttle missions. The NASA Television schedule provides the schedule of mission coverage and the CU-SeeMe software and reflector sites will allow you to view slow-scan television on your computer.

Solar System Simulator
Tired of looking at the planets from Earth? This offering from JPL and NASA allows you to view any planet as seen from any other planet. Gaze at Jupiter from Venus or Earth from Pluto, all without leaving your seat.

Listen to a live audio feed during space missions. Or read the latest news, visit the Space Hall of Fame or view archived multimedia clips.

Teaching From Space
Each school year, the NASA Teaching from Space Program at Oklahoma State University, in cooperation with OSU's Educational Television Services, presents a series of educational videoconferences. These videoconferences are broadcast live via satellite to thousands of schools across the country at no charge to the participating institutions.

Today at NASA
Here you can find NASA news headlines, updates, press releases, photo and video galleries On-line

Wallops Flight Facility Mission
The Wallops Test Range Consists of a launch range, aeronautical research, airport associated tracking, data acquisition and control instrumentation systems.

Welcome to the Planets
This is a collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program.




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