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Atlapedia Online
Atlapedia Online contains key information on every country of the world. Each country profile provides facts and data on geography, climate, people, religion, language, history and economy making it ideal for personal or family education and students of all ages.

Babylon 5 Encyclopedia
A complete encyclopedia of people, places, and terms used in Babylon 5.

Better Homes and Gardens Home Improvement Encyclopedia

Book of Parrots
Online Encyclopedia of psittacine birds, including data-sheets, pictures and reference material.

Britannica Online
Britannica Online provides electronic access to the full text of the 32-volume Encyclopaedia Britannica totaling more than 65,000 articles. Britannica is Fee based service although they offer a 7-day Free Trial.

Catholic Encyclopedia
All things catholic are documented.

Chicago-Kent's Guide to Legal Resources
Extensive private-sector no-charge legal content provider with all sorts of material including a legal dictionary encyclopedia, court rules, case transcripts, and legal humor.

Choice, Completeness, Compactness
A mathematics mini-encyclopedia for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. Excerpts about the Axiom of Choice, orderings, norms, etc.

Dutch Courage's Encyclopedia

E-Conflict World Encyclopedia
1,400 pages of content intended to Eradicate Conflict by increasing cultural awareness. Includes Anthems, Flags, Maps, Weather and the Nations of the World

Edwards Publishing Company
Publishers of The Encyclopedia of Connectors, a comprehensive guide to connectors and accessories of all types.

Electric Library
A complete general reference database, the Electric Library archives the full text of over 900 magazines, 150 newspapers, 2,000 books, encyclopedias, and 20,000 photos and maps. Two Week free trial

Electronic Library: University of Waterloo
This electronic library offers access to indexes, references volumes, and collections one would expect to find at a college library, a biographical dictionary, and scores of e-journals and e-texts. Plus a Key-Word Search.

Electronic Tolkien Encyclopedia Project

This is a page listing dozens of special purpose online and printed encyclopedias. Check out Gazebo Garden (online encyclopedia of perennial gardening) or the Book of Parrots.

Encyclopedia.com - the world, from AAchen to Zydeco
More than 17,000 articles from the Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, have been assembled to provide free, quick and useful information on almost any topic.

Encyclopedia of E. coli Genes and Metabolism

Encyclopedia of Gap Analysis
A national program with a proactive approach to managing biodiversity. It"s products include maps of vegetation, vertebrate distribution, land ownership, and management level.

Encyclopedia Mystica
The Encyclopedia Mythica is an ever-growing repository of the myths and legends and folklore that enthralled our ancestors around the fire in the centuries before television. You can add your own articles. Netsurfers with a mystical bent will enjoy the vast collection of data on the gods, goddesses, and monsters that the cultures of the pre-industrial world created.

Encyclopedia of the Orient
The Encyclopedia of the Orient is an online encyclopedia covering hundreds of topics on over 20 countries. Plus it included a discussion forum and search engine.

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Smithsonian Institution Research Information System

Larousse Encyclopedia of Wine
Information on where wines are made, how to read their labels, what the wines taste like and which are the best.

Faeroe Encyclopedia

FREE Internet Encyclopedia
There are two main divisions. The MacroReference contains references to large areas of knowledge, and the MicroReference contains short bits of information and areas of knowledge, references to specific subjects.

Time Life's Electronic Gardeners Encyclopedia
Looking for a plant, tree or shrub? This search-able database contains almost 3,000 species selected for general use in North American horticultural practice.

The Global Bigot Encyclopedia
At The Global Bigot Encyclopedia you'll find a detailed guide to Bigot and his kin, from the Mongolian Lamas to the Australian Yow. There's also a number of sighting reports and relevant newspaper articles, a gallery of footprints, and even a QuickTime movie.

Her Heritage
A biographical encyclopedia of famous American women.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology

Infolingua Bibliographies Encyclopedia
A series of extensive and fully indexed bibliographies in Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Informatics, Communications, and Education

International Financial Encyclopedia

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Free Internet Encyclopedia
This is an encyclopedia composed of information available on the Internet. There are two main divisions. The MacroReference and the MicroReference.

Internet Mental Health
An encyclopedia describing mental illnesses, treatment, medications, and research.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Internet Public Library
You'll be very comfortable using it. It feels and looks like a the real library.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library
Located in Boston, Massachusetts--the library is one of only nine official presidential libraries. The site is also a nostalgic reference desk full of speeches from all three Kennedy brothers, sound files, a picture gallery, quotes, and other milestones from the Camelot era.

John's Interactive Fiction Page
New Zcode Interpreter, Encyclopedia Frobozzica, Parser Talk, rec.arts.int-fiction FAQ (webbified), links to other IF pages.

Jones Digital Century Update
Archive of updated articles that will be added to future editions of the Jones MultiMedia Encyclopedia CD-ROM reference work.

Library of Congress
Your gateway to reviewing the World's largest Museum.

Lowe's Home Safety Encyclopedia
It contains lists of safety tips and information on topics such as swimming, poison safety, hurricane preparedness, lawn and garden safety, safety for senior citizens, and much more.

McClelland & Stewart Inc.
Publishers of the Canadian Encyclopedia Plus.

The Media Encyclopedia
Is an index of campus and professional media resources that's devoted entirely to print, and guides you with extreme accuracy. You can browse professional newspapers by state, or university papers by campus name. And if you don't know exactly which one you're looking for be sure to check out their 'Top 10' Picks.

Medinfo.org Living Medical Encyclopedia
The Searchable Archives for all the Cancer Mailing Lists. In addition you will find a fully searchable version of the current CancerNet from the National Cancer Institute.

Nobel Prize Internet Archive
At the heart of this is a collection of annotated links to all past winners in the fields of physics, chemistry, literature, peace, economics, and physiology & medicine. Entries contain a short explanation of what the prize was received for, along with brief biographical information and hypertext links to other information about the recipient when available.

North Carolina Encyclopedia
This encyclopedia is designed to give you an overview of the people, the government, the history, and the resources of North Carolina.

Panic Encyclopedia
The guide to the postmodern scene

The Great American Web Site
The online companion to 'The Great American Web Book', published by Times Books/Random House, shows you where to find US Government treasures on the Net. You'll find every branch of the government that's online here as well as site 'special attractions' like where the '10 Best Agency Sites' are, which are the best for business and market research and which have the 'Best Encyclopedias for International Relations?'

Pig's Eye's Notepad
An historical encyclopedia of the persons and places in St. Paul, Minnesota (USA) from its beginnings in 1830 until its incorporation in 1850.

Shi'a Encyclopedia
A comprehensive encyclopedia about the Shi'a Muslims, followers of the religion of Islam.

Spice Encyclopedia
These fascinating facts and useful ideas will get you started on your own cooking adventures. From Allspice to Vanilla, creative cooking has never been so easy and fun.

TechWeb Technology Encyclopedia
From A: to zywrite, with over 10,000 terms in between.

Virtual Encyclopedia for OR/MS

The Virtual Library
Worldwide library collections, health and legal research materials, publisher indexes, dictionaries, Internet guides--even employment resources, in case you're looking.

Voltayre's Encyclopedia Xenobiologia
Contains over 100 entries in an ever growing galactic database on the aliens, technologies, creatures, locations, organizations, and personalities of the Babylon 5 universe!

Women's History Collaborative Encyclopedia Project

Zeron Interactive
We design and develop interactive encyclopedias, presentations, product selectors, tutorials and websites.


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