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These links connect directly to the Real Audio feed:

BBC Radio 5 (live) - Real Audio

BBC World News Summary (hourly) - Real Audio

Caribbean News Agency - Updated 16:30 (weekdays) - Real Audio

CBC Radio Headline News (hourly) - Real Audio

C-SPAN Radio (live) - Real Audio

Fox News Channel (live) - Real Audio

Independent Radio News - UK (hourly)- Real Audio

MSNBC News Headlines (hourly) - Real Audio

National Public Radio News (hourly) - Real Audio

Radio Australia (live) - Real Audio

Radio France - Africa News in English (daily) - Real Audio

Radio Netherlands - 23:30 Broadcast, Updated 03:00 UTC (daily) - Real Audio

Radio Prague - English Service (daily) - Real Audio

RTHK - Hong Kong (hourly) - Real Audio

Voice of America - News Now (live) - Real Audio

Voice of Russia (daily) - Real Audio

World Radio Network 1 (live) - Real Audio

World Radio Network 2 (live) - Real Audio
Home Pages for selected English language news services:

All India Radio

BBC World Service - Internet Audio Home Page

CBC Radio

Channel Africa (South Africa)

CNET Radio (Internet News)

CNN Audio

C-SPAN Radio 90

ESPN Sports Radio

National Public Radio News

NetRadio Network

Pacifica Radio News

Radio Australia

Radio Canada International

Radio France International

Radio New Zealand

RTHK - Hong Kong

Voice of America Live Broadcast

Voice of America News - Audio on Demand

World Radio Network
News from many international broadcasters on a daily schedule


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Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Indonesian Radio Web

International Radio
Links to stations in many countries with live Internet broadcasts

International Station
Korean, Polish and other foreign language broadcasts

Radio Canada International Multilingual Service

Broadcasts news in seven languages on the Internet

Radio France International

Voice of America

Other Net Radio Sites


BRS Radio Directory

European Radio Stations (Radio on the Internet.Com)

Live Radio on the Web (Mike's Radio World)

MIT List of Radio Stations - Bitcasters

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